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Welcome.  We are an Australian designer and merchant of properly crafted traditional games.  We do not believe in fads or whims and think the best games are those that have stood the test of time.   Our games are real, not virtual and exercise mind and body (not just thumbs).  They are interactive in the real sense of the word and are a catalyst for family and friends to socialise, laugh and create memories.  Where timber is involved, we always use environmentally responsible hardwood.

It's Winter but seriously, should we complain?  In many parts of this great country, the days are sunny and warm and still perfect for a picnic or outdoor gathering.  And even if it is a bit chilly, rug up and get outside for some fresh air and some healthy competitive fun.  Kubb and Finska with European heritage, are built for the cold and excellent to play in the snow!

And if you can't bear it, fight the cabin fever with some good old indoor fun. Why not resurrect your love for chinese checkers,  challenge your additive spirit with solitaire, our range of classic puzzles or the English pub classic Shut the Box.  

Real Games.

It's Winter.

Get Outside.

Kubb by Planet Finska
Hookey by Planet Finska