Sustainability policy

Planet Finska products are designed with the welfare of our planet in mind.  

1. Minimal packaging. Many of our products have no packaging at all and we prefer to let the product sell itself rather than rely on fancy unnecessary packaging. We prefer to put our efforts into the quality, function and form of the product rather than something that is often unnecessary and inevitably gets thrown away.

2. Minimal / no use of plastic. Where possible we avoid the use of plastic and non-biodegradable materials in our designs.

3. Sustainable use of timber.  We comply with Australian timber importation requirements and sustainability is a hard requirement in selecting the timbers to be used in product manufacture. It is important to us that the timber is always farmed or is re-used timber that would otherwise be disposed of. e.g.  A number of our games are manufactured from rubberwood and in the past this beautiful hardwood was disposed of or burnt after the trees had stopped producing latex. Today this timber is recycled and reused because it is both beautiful and a good quality hardwood.

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