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Washers is our designer take on the American classic tossing game and is some serious fun.
Washers has the same rules as the highly popular Cornhole:
In each round players toss 4 washers and score 1 point for each washer that lands on the board and 3 points for each washer that drops into the pit. The player with the highest score in the round adds the number of points they scored less the number of points their opponents scored to their game tally. e.g. If a player lands 3 washers in the pit and one on the board for a round score of 10 and their opponent lands 2 washers in the pit and 2 on the board for a round score of 8, the first player adds 2 points to their game tally before commencing the next round. If both players score the same number of points in a single round, neither player will add any points to their game tally for that round. First to reach total of 21 points over multiple rounds wins.
Washers by Planet Finska includes a premium hardwood washer pit and two sets of four powder coated steel washers, available in black & white or navy & red.

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