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Orders received before 6am Monday 21 December 2020 will be shipped Monday 21 December.

Orders received after this deadline will be shipped after Xmas.

Planet Finska will be closed from Tuesday 22 December until Monday 28 December 2020.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the 2020 Australian Finska Championships has again been delayed. The new scheduled date is Saturday November 21, 2020 and the event is of course subject to some social distancing restrictions being lifted by then.    Stay safe Finska tragics!  

games of substance

Welcome.  We are Australia's leading designer and merchant of properly crafted traditional games.

We believe in design and craftsmanship that is consistent with the origin and tradition of these classic games.  We do not believe in fads or whims and think the best games are those with substance that have stood the test of time for generations.  Our games are real, not virtual and exercise both mind and body.  They are interactive in the truest sense and a catalyst for family and friends to socialise, laugh and create memories.  Where timber is involved, we always use environmentally responsible sources and prefer quality hardwoods so that our products are built to last and crafted the way they should be.

           get outside

Many of our games make perfect gifts for the hard to buy for.  We are often asked if a certain game is suitable for a particular age or gender.  It is not always easy to answer.  We do not know of an age bracket or gender that does not want to play and  have fun.  Our first game Finska, is a testament to that.  The overriding feedback we get is that our age inclusive games frequently bridge the generation gap.

If you are not new to Planet Finska and looking for your next thing, we encourage Finska tragics to check out Kubb.  Kubb is Finska's Swedish wood throwing cousin.  An entirely different game, Kubb is hugely social and perfect for a larger group at the beach or on the lawn.  A recent customer quote says it all, "Tried Finska.  Loved it.  Tried Kubb.  Loved it even more".

Feel free also to check out our new  designs.  In August we launched our premium version of Cornhole and we were thrilled with the reaction.  It's such a fun game that is massively popular in the USA.  Until now the only versions available in this part of the world were poor quality cheapies. We encourage you to take a look at our new Cornhole under the American Tailgate category.

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